Bosnian voice over talents – male and female voice artist in Bosnia

It’s true, Bosnian language ( bosanski pronounced in Bosnian[‘bɒsanski] ) is similar to Serbian. However there are certain differences and therefore  native Bosnian voice over talents, male or female voice artists are necassery. Through the rich experience that we gained due recording voice overs, we managed to establish collaboration with  Bosnian voiceover artists / talents.

We work together on common projects  ( radio, tv commercials, corporate video narration, e-learning, on hold messages) and every time we share experience supporting each other. Below you may find  Bosnian voice samples.

bosnian voice over talents and VO artist or professional voice actors
  • Bosnian voice over artists for narration
  • Bosnian female voice over talents for IVR, on hold messages, call centers
  • Bosnian male voice over talents for radio spot
  • Bosnian voice over talents for TV commercials
  • Bosnian voice over talents for e-learning and online training
  • Bosnian voice over recording for mobile application, android or apple apps
  • Bosnian voice over talents for corporate videos or institutional videos
  • Bosnian voice over talents for audio tours and guides, monuments and museums

Bosnian male and female voice overs

Female and male Bosnian voice artist, live and work in Bosnia which means it is their mother tongue. Apart from that, they professionally record voice overs in Bosnia and they have an impressive list of clients who have already recognized quality of their voice over recording . This is proved by many radio spots and  TV commercials which are broadcasted on most popular TV and radio stations in Bosnia.


These are voice talents with whom we have occasional cooperation. They can perform in their home voice recording studio in Bosnia, with professional audio equipment and quite useful room acoustics. From female and male bosnian voice talents you can expect only dry voice recording delivery,  which later you can combine, synchronize with picture and do all voice post-production in your own audio production.

Bosnian voice over samples:

BOS-MALE- A002Voice for Commercials
BOS-MALE- B001Voice for Commercials and Narration
BOS-FEMALE -D001Voice for Commercials and Narration

It is important to know that not all  Bosnian voice talents are always available, that’s why it is necessary to contact us first in order to check if they’re currently available to perform. Professional male and female Bosnian voice over talents are free to form her/his own price, which of naturally can vary.

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